An Ibex Puppetry crane puppet soars at the National Puppetry Festival in 2017.



As a photographer, Alex U Griffin's work has covered a wide range of subjects, but often within the theater and puppetry world. In that, regard, he has been an official photographer for the O'Neill Theater Center, the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry, and the National Puppetry Festival, with his photographs published in Playbill, Puppetry Journal, Puppet Life, and more! 

"Ajijaak on Turtle Island," Ibex Puppetry

Yamasong: March of the Hollows - Poster and Behind-The-Scenes 

Photographs from the 2017 Puppeteers of America National Puppetry Festival. 

Ibex Puppetry's Ajijaak on Turtle Island, at the New Victory Theater, NYC

Photography for Ivonne Escotto's White Animal Projects.

Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Screenings, Panels, and Receptions

"Daddy Deel and Suzie Pooh," 2013