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A Continual Client: Les Mutts Puppets





Les Mutts: Teamwork


Le Mutt and Wolfie are both preparing to work together in making a delicious breakfast. This PSA was shot in Fairfield, Iowa, and screened on local stations as well as festivals. 










Les Mutts at Creative Edge


This short film was created to showcase what the Creative Edge Master Shop has to offer, modeled after previous Les Mutts shorts. It features Alex Griffin (who is also a puppeteer) as Le Mutt, along with puppeteers Mary Dickins, and Jenifer Tourenne.  














Les Mutts at Creative Edge: The Flying Machine

Created for the Creative Edge Master Shop, this video features the Les Mutts Puppets (of whome Alex is the lead puppeteer) touring the shop. This video was also directed and edited by Alex for the company, and was shown before every screening during the Creative Edge Film Festival. 

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