Promotional images for the Handmade Puppet Dreams VOD release through The Jim Henson Company. I created a multiple film banner as well as individual banners for the filmmakers and their films. 

Image created for the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry to promote the Puppetzilla Puppet Slam. 

A banner for the sound design and post production company MelodyGun. I also edited a trailer for the company. 

A card and poster for two different Handmade Puppet Dreams screenings for the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry, which I also produced. 

Advertisement for the Paperclay Workshop with Sam K Hale for the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry. I took the photograph and created the promotional image. 

Promotional image/poster for Emerald Portal's Crammed in a Bottle music video, which I was also director/cinematographer on. 

A poster variation for the Reel Puppetry Film Festival, a part of the Puppeteers of America National Festival in 2017. I also produced and curated the festival.